Other prayers

Prayer for Salvation
O my Lord, lead me to Your Kingdom and protect me from the darkness that has engulfed my soul. Hear me now O Sacred Heart and through Your Goodness let Your Light of Love and protection shine through.

Atheist’s Prayer
God, if You are the Truth reveal to me the sign of Your Love. Open my heart to receive guidance. If You Exist let me feel Your
Love so I can see the Truth. Pray for me now.

Prayer for non-believers who laugh, poke fun at or outwardly scorn those who pray
My dear Lord I hold out my arms to ask You to take my beloved brother/sister into your tender arms. Bless them with your Sacred Blood and give them the grace needed to allow them to receive the Spirit of Your Love to lead them into eternal salvation.

Prayer that Jesus may reveal His presence to you
Jesus I feel lost. Open my heart to accept Your Love and show me the Truth so that I may be saved.

Prayer to convert others
I urge You, Jesus, in Your Divine Mercy, to cover those lukewarm souls with Your Precious Blood so that they can be converted.

Prayer for encouragement
Fill me now, O Lord, with the Gift of the Holy Spirit to carry Your most Holy Word to sinners who I must help save in Your Name.
Help me to cover them, through my prayers, with Your Precious Blood so that they can be drawn to Your Sacred Heart. Give me the Gift of the Holy Spirit so that these poor souls can revel in Your New Paradise.

Prayer for each day
O my precious Jesus, embrace me in Your Arms and allow my head to rest upon Your Shoulders so that You can raise me up to Your glorious Kingdom when the time is right. Allow Your Precious Blood to flow over my heart that we can be united as one.

Prayer to be able to see that these Messages are of Divine Origin
Jesus, if this is really You, please flood my soul with the sign of Your Love so that I can recognise You for Who You are. Do not let me be deceived by lies. Show me instead Your Mercy by opening my eyes to the Truth and the path to Your New Paradise on Earth.

Prayer to let go of your fears
Jesus, I hand you over all my concerns in this matter in confidence, so that the problem is now Yours to resolve according to Your most Holy Will

The Poor and Ashamed soul’s Prayer
[Walk towards Me and ask Me to help... Come. Bow your heads. Push your shame aside and ask Me to forgive you now.]

Prayer for the blind souls who are lost
God, the Most High, I come before Your Throne this week to plead for the souls of My brothers and sisters who refuse to acknowledge Your Existence. I urge You to fill them with Your graces so that they will open their hearts to listen to Your most Holy Word

Prayer to withstand the abomination which is on the way
O My beloved Jesus, I invoke Your protection and ask for Your Mercy to save my brothers and sisters, within Your Church, from falling victim to the antichrist. Give me the graces and protect me with Your Armour of Strength to stand up to the evil acts, which may be perpetrated in Your Holy Name. I beg for Your Mercy and pledge my allegiance to Your Holy Name at all times.

Prayer for the gift of enlightenment
O Jesus, cover me with Your Precious Blood and fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that I can discern whether these Words come from You. Humble me in spirit. Receive my pleas with Mercy and open my heart to the Truth

Prayer plea from God the Father
God the Most High, in the Name of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ, Whom You sacrificed to save us, Your poor children, from the fires of Hell, hear our prayer. May we offer our humble sacrifices and accept trials and tribulations as a means to gain the salvation of all souls during The Warning. We plead with You to forgive sinners who find it hard to turn back and accept Your Merciful Goodness to make the necessary sacrifices as You see fit to redeem them in Your Holy Eyes.

Prayer to mitigate the circumstances of persecution,which is being perpetrated behind closed doors.
God the Father, in the Name of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ, I beg of You to stop this abomination to control Your children.
Please protect all Your children in these terrible times so that we may find peace and dignity to live our lives free from the Evil One.

Prayer to never give up when you feel down
Jesus if you can hear me
Then listen to my call for help
Please help me deal with those who cause me pain
Help me to stop envy taking over my life and
To stop me wishing for things I cannot have
Instead open my heart to you dear Jesus
Help me to feel real love – your love
And to feel true peace in my heart. Amen.

Prayer to become little
Heavenly Father help me to become little, as a child, in your eyes. I ask for your graces to fall upon me so I can respond to your call to save all of your children. Amen.

Prayer for the graces of wisdom, calm and discernment
O Jesus help me to see the truth of your Holy Word at all times and remain loyal to your teachings no matter how much I am forced to reject you.

God the Father: Prayer for the Key to the New Paradise
Dear Father, it is I, Your lost child, who, so confused and blind, that without Your Help, Your Love, I am nothing. Save me through the Love of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and give me the Key to Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.

Humble Servant’s Opening Prayer
Jesus forgive me, for I have sinned.

Prayer Expressing True Love for Jesus
Jesus Your Will is all that matters. My free will is Yours. Do with it as You may.

Jesus Christ to intervene on your behalf
Jesus, take me under Your Refuge to my Father and bring me Eternal Salvation.